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I never wish the military upon anyone. I never realized how much these people put on hold to do this…until now. I have no contact with my other half…besides the occasional letter. The only thing I can do is write to him every day, and hope at some point he gets to make a call.I have my phone glued to my side, for the fear that I might somehow miss hearing his voice for even only a few minutes. How can you go from talking to someone every single day, to hearing from them a few times a week in letters if you are lucky? Call me crazy or bitter, but I can’t stand seeing happy couples together, just because I miss my boy so much…This is going to be the longest six months of my life….and I miss you so much already )’: 

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You’re making me feel like shit for loving you. I don’t understand how someone could have the person they want right in front of their face and push them away. I am 100% committed. Why is it so hard for you to do the same? Why is it so hard for the world to concentrate on a million other people when they have a heart connected to ONE?! What is wrong with this everyone!!!!! My heart is breaking at the fact you won’t accept my love for what it is. The fact you think it’s just annoying.

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How long they choose to love you will never be your decision. (via maybeicangrow)

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You don’t know what it’s like to sit home at night and be paranoid about who you’re with, who will catch your eye, and who you will talk to when you completely forget that I exist and love you. When you forget that I’m the one who loves you always. Not just for a night or a conversation like all of these others do. I am the one in tears, stomach in knots, brain on full blast, until you say that you’re home. You’re having a good time, but your actions have caused a faithful woman to become doubtful and insecure. The worst part is you don’t even realize….the true extent of the hurt. Or the true extent of the love I had for you this whole time….willing to give everything: for what in return?

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HEY! THIS IS IN PA! I live in Scranton, wait having a heart attack I’m sorry….but for REAL. 

HEY! THIS IS IN PA! I live in Scranton, wait having a heart attack I’m sorry….but for REAL. 

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*knocks you out with a calculator* bet you weren’t counting on that

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daddy longlegs why not mommy longlegs end sexism now

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All other typos can go home. This one wins.


All other typos can go home. This one wins.

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dark/pale/glow here


dark/pale/glow here

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